One Team One Effort

Manatee County Youth Rowing, Inc. (MCYR) is a community-based, not-for-profit organization located at the Manatee County Fort Hamer Boathouse on the Manatee River. MCYR’s mission is to provide rowing programs in a positive and competitive environment for all ages. Our goal is to promote teamwork, strong character, personal integrity, fitness, and good nutritional habits. We encourage all members to actively volunteer and be involved in their community.  We provide an environment where rowers of all ages can work together in a constructive team environment, fostering personal and social skills of significant value that are essential to our community.

Current Events

Spring High School

Spring Middle School

Family and friends regatta food

Food for athletes is included in the session fees. The sale of wristbands for Family and Friends will be on a regatta by regatta basis.  An email will be sent if wristbands are to be sold.